The north american duo, Barely Alive, released yesterday their latest work. It is an EP called “Lost In Time EP” that features 6 tracks, one of them being a huge collaboration with the duo Modestep.

Not long after releasing their amazing album last year they hit their fans with a brand new EP that lets the listener dive into an experience through four different Dance Music subgenres: dubstep (duh, of course), bass house, trap and their distinct retro vibe that was already present Odyssey with tracks like “Deeper In Love”.

We would like to highlight a few tracks that translate best who Barely Alive are as producers. Two individuals that are known for their versatility and overall skill. The first one is “Be Mine”: a bass house banger for the first half of the song, then we can listen to some retro sounds and we get hit with a dubstep drop, an amazing combination! “On Own Way” with Modestep can’t go unnoticed: old school track that has a melodic second drop, combined with the amazing vocals to deliver one of (if not the) best tracks of the EP. Last but not least: “Break Em Down”: straight up dubstep slaughter with some characteristic basses and heavy growls leading us into a massive trap second half.

The EP came out on Disciple and with this coming out so early this year we patiently wait to see what the future awaits us with this label. While we wait, listen here to “Lost In Time EP”, by Barely Alive:

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