Beatport, the world’s largest store for DJ’s is looking to expand their reach, by launching a new functionality called Beatport LINK.

For years, Beatport has been (and still is) the “Go-to” website for DJs looking to purchase tracks, sample packs, stems, acapellas and many more. The website has achieved legendary status through its simple to use and straightforward interface, implemented since its launch in 2004. It even became a standard, as achieving a Top 10 Beatport track is a major achievement for many DJs and producers around the world.

In 2016, as the website’s owner company SFX Entertainment filed for bankruptcy, and Beatport was bound to be up for sale, following a year of a 5 million dollar loss. The sale was suspended however, but the legendary website had to lay off some people as well as discontinue some of its services. At the end of 2016, SFX emerged out of bankruptcy and Beatport’s sales throughout the year had made it profitable again.

In 2018, Beatport announced the purchase of Pulselocker, a software with which DJs could store tracks in an offline “safe” that could then be played within a given DJ software. Pulselocker had its flaws – mainly its small library and limited interface – but now, Beatport is looking to capitalize on Pulselocker’s functionalities and implement them as Beatport LINK.

Yesterday, Beatport made an official release regarding LINK, in which they stated:

(…) Beatport’s purchase of Pulselocker early in 2018, paved the way for the company to seamlessly integrate its store into DJ performance software, enabling DJs to easily access a massive catalogue of music. The first integrations of the Beatport LINK product with leading DJ performance software applications will be completed in the coming months. (…)

Now you may ask: “who exactly are they working with?” No one knows. But given their reputation, one is to assume Beatport might be working with the big players of the business, like Traktor, Rekordbox DJ, etc.

DJs, what do you think of this? Will you use Beatport LINK when it sees the light of day? Let us know in the comments down below!

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