In a short clip shared on Technoboy’s social media, TNT announce they’re now working on a new collaboration with Brennan Heart.

Without sharing too many details, Technoboy quickly announces what they’re working on and immediately turns to the computer to show us a small preview of what’s to come. On the preview we’re shown a small section where vocals stand out, which then leads to a part with a heavy hitting kick and bass.

Judging by the clip, we can see that the three artists are following the same successful recipe of previous collaborations. Tracks like Punk Fanatic, It’s My Style and Hard Knocking Beats were always well received, especially these last two tracks.

Brennan Heart has been well known for his emotional and melodic music, with very well thought out vocal elements, while TNT have been on the genre since its very beginning and have mostly produced dancefloor oriented tracks, that have proven time and time again to be absolute weapons when played live, with their heavy hitting reverse bass sounds. This combination is something that has pleased all kinds of Hard Dance fans, and that has earned these artists huge followings and packed stages. Many DJ’s opt to have tracks like the ones mentioned above on their sets, as these always get the crowds going quite easily.

Hopefully you’re as curious as us in what concerns this collaboration. After all, it’s not every day we have such Hardstyle heroes making a track together!

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