The Porto’s venue Industria Club announced through its social networks that Lorenz Brunner, known in the world of electronic music as Recondite, will make his debut in the nightclub and also in the city of Oporto, next March 2.

Born in Bavaria, but based in Berlin, owner and founder of the label Plangent Records, Recondite began to gain fame in 2011, receiving the attention of Scuba, which included “Backbone” in his DJ KiCKS Mix and put two remixes of the German on Hot Flush. The following year, the album “On Acid” definitively catapulted Recondite to the recognition of its peers and the press.

His style ranges from ambient to acid techno but has as brand image a soft beat and an abnormally low level of bpms for a techno artist. He can produce fine melodies, penetrating choruses, and abstract but danceable crescendos. Usually he uses the field recording technique and the FM synthesizer, which makes some chords sound analogical. He is also known for his versatility and ability to surprise the audience by adapting to their mood.

After receiving just this year 2019, Dimitri From Paris, Giorgia Angiuli and FJAAK (and having already confirmed Carl Craig for the Carnival), Industria Club bets on one of the best live-acts of the moment. The first 100 tickets are available for € 10, then for € 15.

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