The mysterious man of many talents that goes by the name of Porter Robinson has just given the world one of the most mind-blowing announcements to date.

“I am planning a new project.”

This is what the North Carolina DJ and Producer told GQ Japan and he seems to be ready to blow the world once again with yet another project. His previous album, “Worlds” is still considered by many the greatest album of all time, an album that brings to the surface the deepest emotions and engulfs you in this immense journey.

Porter also says, “Right now, I am making music and enjoying it. I’m not feeling as much pressure as I used to, and am trying to just live as a human while creating,” some exciting news to everyone, meaning that some more music will make its way to daylight.


The man of many talents, already quite popular under both his aliases, Porter Robinson and Virtual Self, seems eager to make his fans fall in love with another one of his creations. Porter, as Virtual Self, kicked off his Grammy weekend with some shows under his Virtual Self persona, and with this came the debut of a mesmerizing track that goes by the name of “God Rays”

Captured by a fan on reddit, the video shows some light rays dropping from the ceiling portraying these rays from god, and with some breathtaking visuals in the back. The immersion created by these visuals are nothing compared to the enlightenment feeling brought by the track when it drops, leaving you with nothing but sheer happiness and love towards his music.

God Rays Video with Crowd from r/porterrobinson

Even though we are not sure what this new project consists of, we can say with certainty that it will take the world by sweep.

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