Italian trio FaderX released their latest track “Awakening” on Future House Music.

The track appeared labeled as “Future Trance”, a name that had already been used to describe “Concrete” by Funkin Matt, and that seems to be the new wave on Future House tracks.

The track has a melodic break filled with vocal samples, building into an emotional drop, that indeed show similarities to Trance and Progressive tracks.

People have been questioning if this new “Future Trance” sound is a new sub-genre on its own or just a sub-genre of Future House, and it seems it’s a sound that promises to be popular in 2019.

The Future House sound has suffered many changes in the last years, from the minimalistic sound of 2014/2015, to the more melodic sounds of 2016-2018.

FaderX seem to be on the vanguard of the new movement, as their track “Shine” (released on Spinnin’) was already a clear attempt on this new wave.

“Awakening” was already supported by Keanu Silva, Jay Eskar, Dastic, Firebeatz, Plastic Funk, and Jay Hardway, among others.

FaderX are a trio from Italy, releasing tracks since 2015, and signed on record labels such as Protocol Recordings, Armada Music, Spinnin’ Records and Hexagon.

Download and stream “Awakening” here.

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