One of the biggest upcoming Portuguese talents Zinko joined forces with the A-class national duo Club Banditz and together released Forever under Universal Music.

In fact, there’s no denying that these guys have been throwing the Portuguese scene above and beyond and with this brand new release they’re proving they deserve international attention and even more worldwide success.

After releases such as the duo’s Open Your Eyes, Raabta and their collab with the guys from Kevu 2K People and Zinko’s latest Rock, Guarana and Trembling, which got released under Revealed Recordings, they officially joined forces and are here to showcase their production skills and music knowledge with Forever.

The track is a strong progressive banger, mastering the perfect balance between a strong buildup while gathering energy enough to lead into a melodic drop, that will surely make any crowd go crazy.

We had the opportunity to talk to Zinko and he shared some thoughts regarding this brand new release:

[WIDE FUTURE]: Whenever people heard the names Zinko and Club Banditz together, they knew a collaboration would be the perfect fit for both. How and when did this project start?

To be honest, this track went through a crazy journey. We started working on it in 2017, after I started the original idea and Club Banditz showed themselves interested in collaborating. They made their part, resulting on the track we delivered today. Then, we stopped working on it because we didn’t have the vocal the song needed. After testing with around two different vocalists and some lyrics, we thought that this would be the one to fit perfectly on the instrumental. Finally, we waited for a good label and Universal Music got interested. Forever is born.

This record means a lot to me, it’s a production I’m really proud of and I hope I can repeat pieces like this in the future.

[WF]: Now that you’ve worked with one of the biggest national duos, what other projects do you have in mind for the future? Any dream collab?

Even though I already have some collaborations on the way, there’s a wide list of artists with whom I’d like to work with. I can mention Lido, for example, who in spite of not being totally related to dance music, he is a great producer and I’m sure we would get along inside the lab.

I can also mention an artist that I’ve always likes for being a part of my musical childhood – Skin, vocalist of Skunk Anansie is undoubtedly the voice I’d cherish the most on a track of mine.

[WF]: Finally, do you want to leave any message to people with dream of pursuing a career in the dance music industry? The classes you’ll teach will be great to motivate those who are getting started and even for others, sharing knowledge and experiences is always helpful and for that we want to congratulate you for the initiative! What details do people reading this need to know if they want to attend to those classes?

The message I can leave for those who really want to follow the dance music dream is that this isn’t actually easy. I leave here three words that in a certain way give you the formula to a successful career: Music. Patience. Work.

In fact, a good beginning might be production classes, of course, so let me tell you a bit more about Oficina de Produção (Production Office) where I’m developing a set of classes.

Alongside Montemor-o-novo municipality and the Juvenile Centre, I (ZINKO), Blaeckfull (apper and producer) and Xxoy, we developed a concept called Oficina de Produção, that will aim the guys from our hometown from February the 11th to June the 17th. On the other hand, I thought it would be interesting to share this project with people from the outside and we decided that there will be a period for people who are not from Montemor-o-novo.

The workshop is completely free, from March the 1st to the 3rd on the Juvenil Centre.

I invite everyone to be present, because in addition to being a pleasure having the maximum number of registrations possible, it will be a moment of unity and connecting with other producers.

You can finally listen to the track here and make sure to follow Zinko and Club Banditz on their socials and follow their 2019!

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