Dutch superstar Hardwell has teamed up for the fourth time with childhood friend, DJ/Producer DANNIC, in a new collaboration called “Chase The Sun”

Hardwell needs no introduction at this point. The DJ/Producer born in Breda, Netherlands has conquered everything the world of dance music has thrown at him. From being named the number 1 DJ in the world, to performing sold out concerts all over the world, to having his Hardwell on Air radio show being one of the most listened radio shows in the world and having his own label become one of the most recognizable brands and sounds in the dance music world. Truly, Hardwell became king of the world, which is why we all wept and mourned when he announced he would be retiring from live performances indefinitely. But, in spite of these news, we could still hold on to the fact that Hardwell would be releasing regularly.

His childhood friend, DANNIC, has also achieved incredible success in the dance music world. The also Breda-born DJ/Producer has come a long way since 2009, when he used to perform under the name Funkadelic. One of his first hits was also his second collaboration with Hardwell himself, called “Kontiki”, released back in 2012 on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings label. Since then, DANNIC has released timeless anthems like “Dear Life” and “Solid”, created his own label to support rising new talents – Fonk Recordings –as well as his own radio show called “Fonk Radio”, as well as performing on the Tomorrowland mainstage and being featured on the TOP 100 DJs many times.

Truly then, DANNIC & Hardwell are a match made in heaven, and they proved it once more with their new collaboration “Chase the Sun”. It’s a progressive house-inspired banger with vibes from yesteryear. The track starts out with Kelli-Leigh’s chilling vocals accompanied by a simple bassline. From there, we’re introduced to the track’s main melody, a euphoric masterpiece which transitions awesomely into the energetic drop sure to rock any dancefloor. The breakdown gives further highlight to Kelli-Leigh’s soulful voice, and the second drop features some “clicks” straight out of Avicii’s songs of old. Overall, an incredible track that will rock your ears and your body.

Give it a listen in the link down below and tell us what you think!

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