The trio, Swedish House Mafia, is in the mouths of the world with several posters of their appearance and this time a new location has been chosen.

No doubt that 2018 was marked by a moment when no fan of electronic music will be indifferent, with the return of the most famous trio in the world in Ultra Miami: Swedish House Mafia. Since then the speculation has been huge and with the announcement of a tour, several venues have been the target of “betting” to host the swedish trio.

With performances already guaranteed in Stockholm, with 3 days that are already practically sold out with the sale of about 100,000 tickets, the tour also passes through Mexico City, Creamfields and other places in Europe. This time rumors of a passage of Swedish House Mafia in UltraEurope.

Split Spli Split is the place where every year lands another edition of Ultra Europe and these posters appear to satisfy the habitants of Split and all the fans of Swedish House Mafia who hope that the coming to Split is true. With all this will be the question if they won’t be announced in Tomorrowland,one of the highlights of the summer season. The doubt remains.

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