Two of the Hardcore’s greatest are once again in the studio for a collaboration. In a post on Ophidian’s social media, he recently announced that he and Tha Playah are putting the final touches to a new track.

After the widely acclaimed track Illusions that both made for Ophidian’s Between The Candle And The Star album, these two artists are at it again, blending their styles to create what we anticipate to be a very uplifting and energetic track.

After a year in what appeared to be somewhat of a standstill, it is great to see Ophidian back on track with not only new studio challenges, like the ones he did last year (and which were eventually released on the Main Sequence EP), but also with more “regular” releases like this collaboration, which we hope will serve to develop his yet unknown label Advancing Mechanism.

Tha Playah has also been rather silent in what concerns releases, despite still having regular bookings for events, so fans are definitely eager to hear whatever new material he has, individually or in collabs.

Maybe there’s a reason for both artist’s silence as of lately… Maybe one of them has been tucked away in the studio hard at work for an album! Only time will tell. Here’s to hoping there’s a preview soon!


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