B2S kept one of the best surprises for last… And announced that Zany will be warming up the Gelredome on the 9th!

The announcement came via a post late last week simply showcasing Raoul doing what he does best – rocking the crowd.

Opening up an event is a big responsibility as it sets the mood for the rest of the party. Such a set has to get the hype up, without being too energetic, and doing a performance like this requires preparation and some thought put into exactly what tracks will be played, and any DJ will most definitely know that this sometimes can be quite difficult.

Given this, choosing a legend with such a track record is definitely a good call from the organization. Zany is also an artist that has shown he likes to think outside the box, which may make things even more interesting than expected.

The choice makes sense as well due to the fact that Zany has been a part of Hard Bass’s history, along with a few other artists performing that night. Raoul was one of the few performing on Hard Bass nights before the event moved into the bigger venue it is at now, and has not only performed as Zany, but as part of the Donkey Rollers and Mean Machine too.

You can find the full lineup below. It will most certainly be an unforgettable night!

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