Known by every barong family supported and afficionado, Moksi are a duo composed by Samir and Diego, two dutch DJs and producers that are the family’s ambassadors for bass house and are now releasing their own label.

The main focus of the sub label named Moksi Family appears to be house and sub genres of it. At the begining we weren’t so sure if Moksi were leaving Barong Family but in the label’s Twitter account we can read their bio that says: “a Barong Family initiative” making this a project supported by the label founders Yellow Claw.

The first release was announced with the label and will be a single from SLATIN with the collaboration of Moksi (coming out next friday) that will be featured on the EP “Bad Idea” that will come out on the 22nd of this month. We can expect some house-ish tunes alongside some of the best bass house.

Will this new label mean that Moksi will stop releasing under Barong Family‘s main label or will they continue to do so and only use the secondary label for more underground artists? Something only the future will tell. For now we will leave you with the playlist the owners created that originaly inspired them to create the label. This is Moksi Family‘s playlist:

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