It seems like there’s always something to write about Don Diablo and this week’s no exception. Bringing us his 4th release of 2019, you can now listen to his brand new single You’re Not Alone.

In fact, after having premiered it on last year’s edition of Tomorrowland, Don Pepijn Schipper -the dutch Hexagon master, DJ and producer – has now released his long awaited track featuring Kiiara’s vocals alongside a recap video from his biggest solo show to date: Future XL.

This is a very personal and special one to the producer himself and he says that this is one of the tracks he is most proud of for three simple reasons:

  1. The message behind the song;
  2. It features the amazingly talented Kiiara;
  3. the production and sound of the record itself.

In fact, from the outstanding vocals to the futuristic sounds, this is a track filled with the Don Diablo vibe we all know. Always pushing boundaries and trying to improve his sound and create new things, this only proves that working hard is the key to success and the key to the future.


The video itself is the perfect interpretation for the track, when you’re on a Don Diablo show you’re surrounded with people who share the same passion, the passion for dance music, either it is House or any other genre. If you have all those people around you, how lonely can you really be? Hold on to the good things in life and if you ever felt alone, you will never feel the same way again.

Listen to Don’s brand new single below and remember: You’re Not Alone.

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