Not known by many, Cromatik just released his first NSD: Black Label EP named “Cyberpunk EP”. It consists of 4 tracks one of them being the VIP for “Malware”.

After an amazing 2018 by being present on “DPMO, Vol. 2” and “Black Label XL 5”, Cromatik even released an EP on 40oz Cult with 4 amazing bangers. This time around he managed to release “Cyberpunk EP” on NSD: Black Label, considered at the moment the strongest riddim label.

The important side of the EP that we have to highlight are the second parts of each drop. They are filled with scary melodies, amazing growls and some of the filthiest wubs, all of them honouring his sound design. The track to highlight is for sure “Cyberpunk”, not only for giving the name to the EP but also for having some of the best buildups, vocals and overall production quality we expect.

Just recently he was also announced as one of the support acts of Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ new tour that is already taking place. He will perform exclusively in North America.

This is a huge step for a DJ and producer like Cromatik. He is not that known amongst the community and having an EP drop on the biggest label at the moment is something great for his future. If you don’t know him, listen below to his brand new EP and give us your opinion:

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