The Chemical Brothers have shared new details about the new album called No Geography.

Their return starts with the release of a brand new track called “Got To Keep On” which will be included in the album.  No Geography will be out April 12 on Astralwerks.

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons of the group have revealed that they decided to travel back in time in order to create this newest album. They decided to return to the place where it all started to record the entire project: In a tiny room that housed the kind of equipment they previously used to record their first two albums. 20 years later, the equipment surely helped spur creativity for the new compilation. On the official release about the album, the duo told that the inspiration came from the concepts of randomness and jagged edges, and that many of the songs like  “Got To Keep On”, “MAH” and “Free Yourself”  were built around vocal samples.

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Track List – No Geography

1. Eve Of Destruction
2. Bango
3. No Geography
4. Got To Keep On
5. Gravity Drops
6. The Universe Sent Me
7. We’ve Got To Try
8. Free Yourself
9. MAH
10. Catch Me I’m Falling

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