Dutch-Turkish DJ Ummet Ozcan released a new single “The Grid” on Monday. The big room track is bold, energetic, and unbelievably catchy.

In fact, as Ummet Ozcan has set the standards, the DJ brings in hints of electro house and psy-trance into the track. In between the rifts of addictive big-room melodies, he weaves in robotic scratches along with mesmerizing vocals. The song is hard and fast-paced. It draws the listener in almost immediately with an incredible build-up. From there, the song brings the listener into a roller coaster of pounding beats.

The song invokes thoughts of high tech, robotics, and a futuristic dystopia. In an age where Artificial Intelligence and technology are on the fore-front of everyone’s minds, this track is  a perfect anthem for these times. Perhaps that is exactly what Ummet Ozcan was thinking when he produced the track. The cover features a sole person looking out towards into a neon, futuristic world.

The song will surely be a crowd pleaser and a festival favorite.

Written by Afonso Araújo.

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