Aussie Timmy Trumpet and Brazilian powerhouse Alok have combined forces to produce a massive psytrance anthem called “Metaphor”.

The Australian DJ/Producer has experienced a massive career boom following the success of his hit track “Freaks” back in 2014. The irreverent aussie has hopped around from genre to genre throughout his career, with tracks ranging from big room, to Melbourne bounce to now psytrance. Timmy has found incredible success with the psytrance boom, with tracks like “Punjabi”, “Oracle” and “PSY or DIE” reaching 20 million+ views on Youtube. Known for his high energy sets and his huge monstrous anthems, Timmy is a seasoned veteran of the scene.

The same can be said for Alok. The 27 year old has his origins in the psytrance world, but turned to the more commercial friendly world of house for inspiration – which would eventually turn into Brazilian bass – with Alok being one of the main pioneers. In 2016, he reached international success with his hit “Hear Me Now” – a collaboration with Bruno Martini and Zeeba – which garnered almost 300 million views on YouTube. Alok went back to the psytrance world with his collab “United”, and now, he once again returns to it in collaboration with Timmy Trumpet and their new track called “Metaphor”.

The track starts out with a simple melody, which climaxes nicely with the massive drop. The breakdown features the same simple melody and synths, which then goes into the second, even bigger drop. Lyrics aren’t psytrance’s forte, but a voice can be heard throughout the track with the “Forever is a metaphor for now” catchphrase. Overall, another stellar track from the two talented individuals.

You can listen to the track in the link down below. What do you think? Let us know!

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