The dutch dj Moti started the month of January in a big way with the release of 4 tracks and now presents the public one more.

With the year getting off to a great start for most DJs, Moti was no exception and managed to start the year solidly and this time features a new and well-designed theme: Worst In Me. A collaboration with the duo THRDL!FE and with the voice of Carla Monroe.

This time was created a theme with a slightly softer vibe but nonetheless is something that makes the body move and this is positive. The collaboration of THRDL! FE was essential to know other ways and thus show versatility and to culminate in a good song the voice of Carla Monroes that fits perfectly in this good vibe.

With all of this, Moti is showing that his quality is increasing with more and more tracks with a solid construction from start to finish and this gratifies his fans who see it with good eyes. With all this we will wait for more songs as soon as they show that electronic music is much more than something with only instrumental and it is possible to put a voice and dynamize all the music itself.

Listen bellow the new music of Moti:

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