Back in November, Sub Zero Project announced their first album during Qlimax. While unnamed, fans online believed the album to be called The Outbreak – which was then confirmed by the duo on their socials. But things seem to have taken another turn since then…

Recently they’ve decided to announce the album once again – using the exact same video, changing only the album title, which is now called Contagion, and they’ve since released the first preview as well.

It is still unknown why this change was made, but fans quickly picked up the story throughout different forums. Some argue that the previous title was too generic. Others said that they simply don’t want a track titled The Outbreak to be the lead single for the album. Eventually, the somewhat mixed reactions to their Qlimax anthem may have also played a role in this “rebranding”. That being said, what matters the most is the music – and on that front, Sub Zero Project did not disappoint with the lead single, as you can hear below!

Bottom line here is that Sub Zero Project are one of the few acts on the rougher side of Hardstyle that please all kinds of Hard Dance crowds. The hits they made in the last couple of years quickly catapulted them to being one of the biggest names of the genre. Re-announcing their album and releasing a preview seems to have succeeded in both keeping them as a relevant part of the scene and keeping the spark of interest for the album alive within the community.

While the album isn’t out in full, be sure to enjoy its first preview and stay tuned!

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