Once again, the unthinkable happens: Warface and Mark With A K announced on their social media that they’re joining forces in the studio to work on a collaboration that will be premiered at Reverze!

After the somewhat mixed reactions on Fear Of The Dark and their success with Radioactive, these two artists team up again to bring us a rather unique fusion of styles. Judging by said tracks, this one will be quite outside the box as well.

Warface is known by his productions that focus on the most extreme edge of Hardstyle, with his raw sounds, while Mark With A K is widely known for his Jumpstyle productions and influences. There’s always some difficulty in joining such distinct styles in one track, but so far these artists have a proven track record of making it work well. More often than not, these types of collaborations get mixed feelings from the community at first. However tracks like these tend to work well live for both their energy and sing along parts, and thus a party like Reverze is most likely the ideal place to premiere it.

That being said, we’re pretty sure fans of both artists will most certainly be able to enjoy this new track side by side on the dancefloor!

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