There are some undeniable Portuguese talents and when you hear the name Stereossauro you can’t help but think of how consistent his career has been. Well, he is now releasing a brand new album called Bairro da Ponte and will be throwing a presentation party, both in February.

In fact, after multiple marks achieved over the years, it is now time for one of the members of Beatbombers – his project alongside DJ Ride – to release what probably is his biggest solo projet to date and Bairro da Ponte will be all about Portuguese routes, where Stereossauro defines a light line between electronic music and Portugal’s traditional Fado and the modern hip-hop, such as Beatbomber’s remix for Verdes Anos.

The first track that has already been released is the instant hit Nunca Pares, a collaboration with Slow J and with the special participation of the Portuguese hip hop artists Papillon and Plutonio, which already has almost 2.5 million views on Youtube. He also released Vento last week, which will also be a part of the album, that is coming out this Friday, February the 1st.

There will be a presentation event in order to bring out Bairro da Ponte as a more personal and professional project, which will take place on February 28th at Lux Frágil, in Lisbon.

Make sure to stay tuned and follow Stereossauro to find out more about his work and career.

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