The 2nd edition of the festival  made by Kunayala Production, has the same goal as its first one, from the 17 to 21 of July 2019, zero CO2 emissions.

Located almost at 1000m of altitude, in Alto Rabagão Dam, in Alturas do Barroso near Montalegre, they invite us for a unique experience, where we can celebrate the power of union, enjoy psychedelic arts, share knowledge and feel in peace.

With the Eco Celtic Park project, which is the local where the festival will take place and will open is doors to public in 2020, the propose of Kunayala is to live and enjoy the space in an eco-responsably way. With a main dancefloor (Druid´sTemple) and an alternative stage (Otherworld) or you can also go to another smaller area (Reggae / Dub SoundSystem).

The line-up is already complete and you can find big names of the internacional Trance: : Infinitti Gritti (Ajja, Burn in Noise & Dickster) making is debut in Portugal, Circuit Breakers (Burn in Noise & Dickster), Yab Yum (Ajja & Gaspard), The Hierophants, Dark Whisper, Pleiadians, Etnica and Ectobot (Nobot & Ectogasmic).

In what comes to Portuguese Trance we can count also with very huge names as Lurker, Ulvae, Yestermorrow, Ganeisha, Psydream, Insaint, Gandhabba e Hydra-E.

Until the festival, you can also feel what Forest Soul Gathering is going to be on one of its 6 party teasers: Day 9 February in Casablanca, Morroco; 23 of March in Bruxelles, Belgium; 6 of April in Paris, France; Day 20 & 21 April in Toulouse, France; 11 of May in London, England and still with date to announce in Azores, Portugal.

You can count with 7 days of free camping, 450 KVA of renewable energy, cooking area where you can refill yourself with artesanal beer & local drinks, biological food market, children area, a zone for activities, games and animations, zen space and medical assistance 24/24h.

What are you waiting for to grab your tickets?

Written by Marcelo Silva.


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