Jonathan Gooch, the British DJ and Producer that goes by the alias of Feed Me has announced that his second album is on the way and will be released on the 22nd of February.

“High Street Creeps” will be the name of this masterpiece second album, which will be released under Mau5trap, and will count with 10 brand new tracks, with the first one seeing daylight on February 8th. This seems to be Jonathan’s label of choice ever since he debuted back in 2010 the EP that catapulted him to greatness, Feed Me’s Big Adventure.

“Feel Love” will be the first track to be released from this album and it will no doubt be a banger, preparing you for the craziness ahead. On February 15th the second track, “Sleepless”, will also be released.

The man behind “One Click Headshot” and “Lonely Mountain” had released his debut album back in 2013 entitled “Calamari Tuesday”, which entered the UK Dance Albums Chart. Under his other alias, Spor he has been author to dozens of phenomenal tracks, with his Black Eyed EP standing out for its mesmerizing drops and sounds.

If this news weren’t enough to get you excited, Feed Me has also announced on a tweet the return of his phenomenal and mind-blowing stage design “Teeth”.

This got his fans extremely excited to see what’s to come, and even though it will only be available in the US as of now, it will most likely travel to the UK very soon. This is due to the fact that the setup is currently stored in the US and therefore they have priority.

Massive news coming from Feed Me and beware February, he is coming for you!


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