Dubstep’s favourite tyrannosaurus announced a brand new tour. Jason Figlioli, or as some may know him, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, is going to be touring around the globe during the next few months. It is his first headlining tour and a huge project.

It is called the “Mutation Tour” and it features 3 special guests: Kai Wachi, Yakz and Cromatik. The tour began earlier this month in China and is now going through Australia. In march it will arrive to Europe making it a very special treat for all the european fans. Unfortunately it won’t have support from the special guests until it reaches North America.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus is one of the most versatile dubstep producers at the moment. A few months ago he released a deep dubstep EP called “The Underworld” featuring 4 amazing tracks. The production levels were off the charts for that one. Right now he is embarking on the second volume of his hip-hop project. It is called “Goose Diaries Vol. 2” and it has a really mellow hip-hop vibe that we believe some of you may enjoy.

After being chosen by the NSD: Black Label headmasters to present and mix the “Black Label XL 5”, Midnight Tyrannosaurus presents us a huge project for him. This tour will for sure crack some skulls and bring some of the filthiest dubstep to the rest of the world. If you’re new to him, we will leave you with “Shape Shifter”, his collaboration with Yakz:

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