That’s right, Portugal has been one of the world’s biggest hotspots for dance music in the past few years and it is now time for Francisco Cunha to showcase what the country has to offer and he just signed his brand new single under Third Party’s Release Records.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell on you, prepare to follow a bright future as this release might be the start to a career full of success and most of all filled with heartfelt and sentimental musical content.

The DJ and producer from Portugal has been in the music industry for a while now and after being present on multiple parties, festivals and events, such as Galp Beach Party and MEO Sudoeste, he has become a national reference and he is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

After releasing his collaboration with the Brazilian based in Portugal DJ KhamixYears – he is now back with a phenomenal record, highly anticipated by all Third Party fans and followers, who actually thought this was an ID of theirs and were thrilled to know that it was finally coming out.

For Life has an inherent melody throughout the whole track that instantly keeps playing on repeat on the listener’s mind and that’s the secret to the success of this track – the beautiful melodies attached to brilliant leads and outstanding mixing.

As Francisco says,

From an early age, I’ve always wanted to release progressive house and having the opportunity to sign under this specific label, which I’ve always followed closely and has as mentors Third Party, makes me really happy.

He assured that he will keep bringing everyone this kind of tracks and that this release brought the strength and power he needed to produce even more and even better.

You can finally listen to the full track here and make sure to keep an eye on him in the future.

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