As it was already known to the fans, the Belgian DJ and producer Charlotte de Witte is planning the release of the long-awaited remix of Eats Everything’s “Space Raiders” track for next February 4th.

The track, which will be released by the label Dense & Pika Kneaded Pains, has been part of Charlotte’s sets for a few months, but the announcement of its launch was only made on 14 January.

Regarding the already excellent track of Eats Everything, the Belgian added a heavier and explosive beat (also adding a snare that gives it a more danceable tonality), more framed with her powerful and aggressive techno style. In the same way, she reduced the influence and the duration of the melodies connoted with the house, that gave a more festive stamp to that track. In compensation, she maintained and even intensified the most obscure melodies of the track of Eats Everything. In addition, she integrated some crescendos that burst to the sound of a crude beat, ideal for the underground spirit. The result is a pure techno track, with a pace much higher than the original track, but without drastically altering the work of the English producer.

Meantime, a premiere of the track is already available, about a week before its official release.

This month, de Witte also announced that her KNTXT showcase is back on the road in March, as well as her presence on the Tomorrowland lineup for this year’s edition.

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