DJ/Producer Laidback Luke posted a small video on Instagram about the future of dance music, and his fellow DJs have reacted.

Laidback Luke is one of the most active DJ/Producers on social media, and yesterday, an interview from channel “Sidewalk Talk” was uploaded on YouTube, in which Luke talked about the future of dance music among other topics. And while the video gathered a few interesting comments by itself, it was only when the Mixmash boss posted a small video on Instagram that the debate really caught on.

Luke remarks how the dance music “bubble” has burst, and how the scene has been getting smaller and smaller. He backs up his claims by saying that most DJ/Producers nowadays are making the transition to producing pop music (because of better opportunities, fame and money we assume), and because of that, people don’t go to out to clubs to dance anymore. Check out the video yourself:

The debate does not end there. Although the topic is controversial on its own, Luke’s opinion as a legend on the scene caught the eye of some fellow “co-workers”, with artists like Afrojack, David Guetta, Oliver Heldens and Kaskade all commenting on the matter.

Some, like Kaskade, pointed out that there’s more to be said about this topic, while David Guetta for example – one of the first pioneers to push dance music to the masses – opted to say:

– “Problem also comes from EDM becoming more formated than pop. And we all have a responsibility here. We started to do this to go against formats but we ended creating new ones. The reason underground is so big now is because it’s less formated. House music was so free when it started. We need that again. The 128 bpm F minor bass on the kick all festival long? It had to stop too….”

This is certainly a topic that certainly deserves to be debated, due to its many different nuances. Has dance music finally become too big for its own good? Or are the artists pushing the boundaries of our world and widening everyone’s horizons and creating new perspectives?

We’re interested about what you have to say. What do you think? Let us know.

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