San Holo has a fan base from all around the world and after releasing his most successful project yet, he is finally taking his album1 tour to Europe.

In fact, after the EMOTIONAL RIDE WITH SAN HOLO’S DEBUT ALBUM, that was released last year, Holo has just announced that he’ll bring the album1 tour to Europe and the final dates for each location.

Having reached over 31 Million streams – within 4 months – on the 12 track pack, it is finally time for European fans to have the opportunity to see the considered by many masterpiecSan Holoe of 2018 and the innovating sounds of San Holo on his new special album1 dedicated show, where there will be nothing but music connecting everyone and making everyone’s emotions come out of their skins.

He’ll be joined by his special guest Taska Black and together they’ll take the attendees into an unforgettable journey and a surely memorable night.

The tour isn’t stopping in Portugal for a show, but Paris is just around the corner.

Tickets are now available for purchase and if you don’t want to miss out this special show, you can get more information here.

Meanwhile, listen to album1 one more time or for the first time if you haven’t heard it yet:

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