The duos Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Bassjackers produced the track that is present in the trailer of the new game of the famous Mortal Kombat franchise. 

The game trailer came out last Thursday but only recently it was possible to know who was behind the production of the music used. The track has the name of “You’re Next” that portrays well the style of the game where it is present. Mortal Kombat has more than 25 years, one of the oldest franchises in the videogames history and continues to launch new titles and was always very linked to Dance Music as you can hear by the theme song of the 1997 movie (at the end of the article). 

Although they are already very used to produce music it is always special to produce a track that will be present in a game. Bassjackers have already produced two tracks for games and the duo DV & LM is just the first time.

Here’s the question: Has this group of artists just produced a track for the game or do they have more tracks present? We have to wait until the official launch April 23 to know.


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