Yes, you read the title right. Two legends from complete opposites of dance music world have decided to collab, as Sander van Doorn and Frontliner release “One Love” feat KOCH.

Sander began his career back in 2004, and gained popularity as a remixer. An incredible career followed, and van Doorn founded his own label in the process, DOORN Records. In 2017, Sander created a new alter ego, Purple Haze, to explore a darker, rougher side of his expertise as a DJ/Producer.

Fellow Dutchman Barry Drooger, better known of course as Frontliner is also a legend in his own right. After starting out in 2005 under the alias Abject, Barry helped create hits like “Scantraxx Rootz” and “End of My Existence”. From 2008 onwards, Barry adopted the name Frontliner and rose in the hardstyle world ever since. He has also founded his own label called Keep it Up, and has released music there regularly.

Although they come from different worlds, it is only natural that these two producers collaborated. And so they did: “One Love” is a psy-trance track through and through. Starting out with vocals, the track quickly climaxes in a thumping beat. The breakdown is composed of Frontliner’s hardstyle influences, with the melody and synths used being very catchy. KOCH’s vocals round off the whole track, giving it a whole new meaning.

You can check out the track in the link below. What do you think? Let us know!

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