The start of a new year always proves out exciting, but no previous year comes close to this one because Sullivan King has dropped his new EP “The Demented” and what a masterpiece it is!

Seen by many as the embodiment of Heavy Metal fused together with Dubstep, Sully dives head first into a different genre than usual.

This could obviously go very wrong but the truth is, he manages to show how good of a producer he is through his mesmerizing midtempo and electro sounds.

Released on Kannibalen Records, he makes sure that his trademark style stays alive in all tracks, a trait that helps his tracks take shape and grow to another dimension!

Starting out with what very likely is the core of the EP, “The Demented” starts out with some beautiful vocals growing ever so strong until it peaks to a midtempo drop that will make everyone lose their minds!

Transitioning to a primarily electro house track with Lie, the vocals and the background riff work perfectly together, creating this falling sensation in the drop, making you feel like the angel in the EP artwork.

It’s with “Show Stopper” that we find the Sullivan King we all know and love . Joining forces with Grabbitz, they bring you this really outgoing and wicked dubstep single, mixed with some really catchy rap vocals that will build you up right before diving head first to this abyss of madness. This one will make you want to unleash all your inner emotions through the most vicious headbang.

To end it all Sullivan presents us a melodic acoustic version of his very own “Don’t Care“, released back in 2017.

Much like a movie, this EP allows you to distinguish the different moments. It starts out strong with this midtempo beautiful track that makes you feel like you’re getting chased, transitioning to this deep inherit feeling of no way out where you have to jump to escape and then unleashing every thought and emotion with the explosive drop from “Show Stopper“. All of this with a happy ending with the Acoustic rendition of “Don’t Care” playing out was you walk away.

To sum things up, “The Demented” is a beautiful work of art and deserves your uninterrupted attention.

Make sure you check it out right here!

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