Hardwell’s label Revealed Recordings just released a small EP of 4 progressive house tracks, showing everyone that progressive is alive and well.

Revealed Recordings has been a staple of dance music since its inception back in 2010. It was the label behind the rise of artists like DyroBlasterjaxx and Dannic; as well as releasing absolute classics such as Hardwell’s “Apollo feat. Amba Shepard”, “Never Say Goodbyefeat. Dyro and “Call Me A Spaceman” feat. Mitch Crown. Over the years, Revealed has also released many compilations – mixed in many cases by their own roster DJs – so they’re no strangers to supporting new talent. Now, they release an EP with those sweet progressive melodies and feels.

The EP, called Revealed Recordings presents Progressive vol.1 (quite the mouthful), is a 4 track EP featuring some new talent, as well as some relatively known names – like Metrush, Radiology and Arcando.

The first track is by newcomers Jac & Harri, an aspiring DJ duo from the UK. Their track, called “There for You” is certified banger material, featuring a catchy melody and those all-important euphoric feels.

Metrush’s track, “Heartbeat”, is a very well made song which incorporates a more modern structure. And although it does not follow the guidelines of that old progressive sound, it still manages to carve its place on the EP.

Arcando’s track invokes the old school progressive sound. It’s a collab with German DJ/Producer Daniel Garrick called “Fall Again”, and it features incredible vocals by Nessa Bransan that bring the track to a whole other level.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Radiology’s collab with Skydrops. As a now household name, the Croatian duo managed to produce a very well made track. Vocals by Ian Stone bring “Above the Tide” to life, combined with the nostalgic lyrics that are necessary in any progressive track.

Overall, a fine selection of tracks shows the dance music world that progressive house isn’t dead. We’ll leave a preview of all the tracks in the link down below. Which one is best? Let us know what you think!

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