In a post shared on his social media, Zatox announced that the mythical Unite Records will be back! This was one of the last labels that truly represented the Italian Hardstyle sound that’s praised ever since Hardstyle exists.

Despite having gone somewhat unnoticed, this is great news for the Hardstyle community as a whole because this label, along with many others that housed italian artists, were always platforms that consistently released quality tunes.

Neither the video, its description or the label’s social media contain too much content, and their website is still empty. But fans are expecting the label to return to what it was at its highest, with an enviable roster of artists, such as Kronos, Raxtor, The R3belz, Typhoon, and Zatox himself, to name a few.

However, we wonder how this will come to fruition. Some of the artists mentioned above are somewhat inactive, and others well established within other labels… Reopening the label only with newcomers will make it harder to get it back on track. In addition to that, Hardstyle has evolved since this label’s last release. Will they present a more modern, raw sound, to connect with what’s most popular on Hardstyle right now, or will their old recipe work with new fans as well?

Regardless of how things go, it is always good to see great labels back, and we’re sure Unite will once again be able to leave its mark in the Hardstyle scene… So get ready for some action, because Unite will return from its hiatus!

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