A collaboration already awaited by fans of Valentino Khan and Kayzo will finally see the light of day. A strong record and very well produced by both.

Two of the world’s best producers, Kayzo and Valentino Khan, have decided to join forces and have released a track that will cause some hype amongst fans, because both artists have managed to conserve their styles and make “Novocaine”(released on Mad Decent).

With a very strong start, a sound quite similar to hardstyle, we realized early on that it will be a song in which we can feel the style of Valentino Khan, with tones similar to what we are used to. It feels a bit lacking of Kayzo but nevertheless the second drop has an addition and then yes it feels something of Kayzo, accelerating thus the rhythm of the music.

This theme consolidates what both have been doing in the last years and the growth of both. Valentino Khan had his big improvement with “Deep Down low” that obtained millions of YouTube visualizations and millions of streams in Spotify and with all this he’s  has been acting in the biggest festivals in the world.

Kayzo has solidified his career with several themes that have had great success such as “Fake Fake Fake”, “Forever”, “Last Resort” among others. Undoubtedly a great producer and DJ that has assured place, also in the best festivals in the world, something well deserved for both by the great work that they have done.

For now, you can listen bellow the new single of Valentino Khan and Kayzo:

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