In fact, from the moment Robbert (Hardwell) created his own weekly podcast, that it has become a role model for other DJs and many other artists.

Whenever the podcast reaches a remarkable mark (pun intended), fans can always expect a special celebration and this time that is no exception.

On its first days, Hardwell released two versions for the podcast, one where he spoke Dutch and the one as we know today, where he speaks English. The first episode was released 7 years ago (04/03/2011) and as you can see, the tracks he used to play are pure gold:

Seven years later, this podcast from a young Dutch DJ and producer has become one of the biggest weekly mixes in the world and one of the biggest platforms to discover tracks from young talents with its segment [DEMO OF THE WEEK] where Hardwell himself picks a demo that is sent to his label Revealed Recordings and then plays it for the whole world to hear.

Last celebration was on the 350th episode of the podcast, which took place on a studio we all know and Robbert gifted his fans with a two hour episode, with a handful of special guests, such as Sick Individuals, Jewelz & Sparks, KURA who all played a 30 minute set, followed by the boss Hardwell.

The 400th episode will be streamed live and there will surely be special surprises as well and you don’t want to miss any of that, so make sure to tune in today!


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