The swedish DJ and producer Eric Prydz presented what may be tomorrow’s best performance ever after announcing the hosts of tomorrowland 2019.

When you talk about Eric Prydz, no doubt that there is memory all his magic and what the Swedish has left to the public, from great songs to great and magical concerts, is a real box of surprises and this time the surprise is giant. Well then, once all the hosts are added that will be part of another edition of the Belgian festival Tomorrowland, which will take place on two weekends, behold the surprise arrives with the announcement that Eric Pridz brought the self-show to tomorrowland.

EPIC: HOLOSPHERE” will be the theme of your show, something that the same has been presenting and in which lasers, special lights and holograms make this show something unique and innovative in which the artist and his technical team have been working there about 2 years for it to be displayed in tomorrowland.

Below is the text that he published on his facebook page and, if you are one of the lucky ones to go to tomorrowland, you will not be able to miss this great show:


This will be by far the most technically advanced EPIC production to date, a complete re-design from any previous EPIC.
With EPIC we have always tried to push available technology to its limit, however with EPIC: HOLOSPHERE the technology was simply not available, so we have developed our own proprietary technology.

My team and I had a vision that has taken over 2 years to develop. It is now so exciting to be able to announce this, and show you the next chapter of EPIC.

World Premiere
July 19 & July 26″

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