On a video recently shared in his social media, Noisecontrollers shows us what he’s been working on!

The video starts straight away with a track that mashes up Dubstep elements with Hardstyle, which is not unusual for an artist that’s widely known to love Dubstep and its sound design, and has been associated with the “Dubstyle” subgenre through his Pavelow alias.

Fans are then treated to a small clip of the Remix he did for Scooter’s Move Your Ass, which will be released on February 1st!

Towards the end, the artist presents a simple but catchy melody.

The video finishes off with some mysterious vocals and a very heavy kick!

Of course, such an announcement did not go unnoticed. It is thought that after spending last year mostly focused on the Spirit Of Hardstyle label, Noisecontrollers can now start releasing what he’s been working on and doing new music as well. It could very well be an album – rumors of a new Noisecontrollers album date back to early 2017. There was never any formal announcement of one being made, however Bas said he was working on it during a Masterclass back then, and also confirmed this publicly on his Facebook fan group.

Regardless of this new music being part of an album or not, Bas has a great opportunity to showcase it rather soon, during Hard Bass, where he’ll play a very important role in the event, due to being part of its history and being the anthem maker.

New material from one of the greatest artists in the scene is always great, so this will most certainly please the community!

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