In a shocking move, Denon DJ released the first 4-deck, 4-channel standalone DJ controller, thus stealing the race win from Pioneer.

Ever since Pioneer DJ released the XDJ-R1 a few years back, there have been many different iterations of the many different brands on the “standalone DJ controller” concept. The premise was simple: an all-in-one portable machine – capable of both managing and processing your tracks – that you could DJ in, eliminating the need for separate media players and a mixer. To sum it up, a DJ’s wet dream.

Pioneer revolutionised the concept with the XDJ-RX, adding a screen ripped straight of their top of the range CDJ’s and many other functionalities, but it wasn’t enough. The market yearned for a 4-channel, 4-deck standalone DJ controller. And since Pioneer refused to make a move, in come the mad scientists over at Denon.

Previously a brand on the brink of bankruptcy and failure, Denon managed to come back from the dead with their Prime range of equipment. And now, in what’s probably a huge marketing ploy as well, Denon release the Prime 4 controller.

The Prime 4 follows the same philosophy as the top of the range line, but crammed inside a smaller chassis. From its massive list of features we highlight:

  • Four deck Engine Prime DJ sofware support
  • Huge tilting 10-inch high definition touch screen
  • Every output you can think of
  • 4 USB ports and a 2.5-inch SATA drive to store music ONBOARD
  • The ability to record a mix from ANY of the connected devices
  • 6-inch jog wheels with the same internal displays as the big brother SC5000 media players.

You can also expect the now standard features of almost any controller: performance pads, fader start, full navigation controls, and all that good stuff. All of this can be yours for 1699$ (roughly 1500€). And in case you’re wondering, it’s exactly the same price as Pioneer’s XDJ-RX2, and that one only features a now measly 2 channels.

This is an amazing move by Denon DJ. By getting a head start over Pioneer and releasing a quality piece of equipment at a competitive price, they have set themselves as the standard to beat in 2019.

What do you think of the Prime 4? Let us know.

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