Two years after the performance at NEOPOP, the ever-awaited return: in a somewhat unexpected decision – considering the type of festival, which, according to the organization, aims to promote the good names of Portuguese and international jazz – the organization of the EDP ​​Cool Jazz festival confirmed through social networks that the historic German group Kraftwerk will play at the Manuel Possolo Racecourse in Cascais on 31 July for a 3D spectacle (with glasses for that purpose).

This is a concert in the “3-D” tour, a concept premiered in 2009 that results in shows with animations in three dimensions based on all the aesthetics and discography of the group.

Born in the Düsseldorf music conservatory in 1970 by Ralf Hünter (the only member of the original group still active) and Florian Schneider, Kraftwerk are a pioneering group of European and world electronic music, being the first to popularize the production with synthesizers and rhythm boxes. Although they fit into the electronic style and synthpop (they also call themselves “robot pop”), they are today a reference for several generations of musicians in styles as diverse as funk, jazz or pop. As in the live act in Viana do Castelo, this show must go through remarkable albums like “Autobahn“, “Radio-Activity” or “Computer World“.

Before the NEOPOP festival, the group’s last performance in Portugal had taken place in 2015 at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon and at the Casa da Música in Porto, also in 3D format.

From 10am today, tickets are available on Blueticket, at prices ranging from 25 euros to 55 euros.

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