The youngster just managed to do something that nobody else in the Drum & Bass scene has ever done before. With his latest remix of the classic hit of John Holt “Police in Helicopter”, Benny L managed to get is remix on the Nº1 position on Beatport.

History has been made this week, a moment to forever remember for all of us that love Drum & Bass all around the world. The recently crowded Best Newcomer DJ at the Drum&Bass Arena Awards 2018 Benny L managed to do something historic for DnB with his amazing remix of the Reggae Legend Jonh Holt.

The remix reached the number 1 position on the Main chart of Beatport, a first time for DnB song and a clear signal that Drum&Bass has kept on growing stronger that ever, and proving why it is known as the Genre that will never die.

Having been debuted on a UKF On Air mix by Randall back in July, and from then on making its way to all the major festival around the world such as Let it Roll and Boomtown, the track has been in everbody ears for nearly half a year. Now with the help of Hospital Records, the track was finally released. As soon as you hear that bassline drop, all them skankers on the dance floor go wild.

The potential within the genre has been rising in recent year, with the last couple of years, bringing more and more talented newcomers to the scene, like Benny L, with their fresh ideas, sounds and take on music.

Now you can listen to the remix and give us your opinion.

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