Trance master Gareth Emery made a couple of posts on social media about an always-controversial topic: ticket prices.

The Southampton native is a legend in his own right. Since being discovered back in the early 2000’s, Emery has cemented his success, and remained relevant in the ever-changing world of dance music. To his name are 3 albums – Northern Lights, Drive and 100 Reasons to Live – several hits like “Concrete Angel”, “Saving Light”, “U”; and a label co-founded with long time DJ/Producer friend Ashley Wallbridge, GARUDA Music. Also noteworthy is their parody side project, CVNT5, who even made a small “documentary” about corruption on DJMAG.

In an Instagram post, Emery tackled the controversial topic of ticket prices, claiming that a show like his custom “Laserface” tour is incredibly expensive to build, and asking his fans if they would rather pay more for the full experience (in which case Emery would lose large amounts of money), or do a lighter version of the show for cheap. Check out the full post:


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Genuinely would love your HONEST feedback on the above. . The main reason we haven’t done @laserface_ in more cities / countries is ticket prices. . Many promoters will only throw a show if the ticket prices are super cheap, which makes sense. Cheap prices = more people. . Unfortunately Laserface is a really, really, REALLY fucking expensive show to put on with an insane list of equipment we need and a 25 person crew. In fact we’ve lost money on pretty much every one. . This has meant in some places we want to bring it, our options are: . 1. Seriously skimp, bring about 1/3 of the gear and deliver a ‘Laserface Light’. . (Never. No fucking way) . 2. Sell out and still lose a six-figure sum of money. . (If I were Jeff Bezos and DJing was just a hobby I’d gladly do this) . 3. Charge a higher ticket price. . Often, we’ve been told “There’s no way people will pay $10 extra for a ticket in this town, however good the show” . But is that true? . I hate asking people to pay more for a show… and that’s why the Laserface shows so far have been the same price or cheaper than other shows in the same venue with way less production. . But to come to some new places, we’d have to change more. . So, your thoughts? Laserface? Worth the extra $10 / £10 / €10? Or nah? . Be honest, I won’t be offended ? . Gaz x . #laserface #garethemery #ticketprices

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“Gaz” is no stranger to social media rants. He isn’t afraid to talk about things that most would shudder just thinking about. What do you think? Let us know!

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