The dj and dannic producer Dannic begins the year to launch another theme to its style and in its own label that will give that to speak.

Nowadays, talking about Dannic is synonymous with remembering his melodies and the style he imposes on the production of his songs. And this time in his new track was no exception. “Puma” is another theme that is sure to speak.

This time Dannic presents a song that turns more to the Big Room, showing that it is a style that is not dead, but that nevertheless shows its style, thus giving a different air to music. Hardwell’s pupil has over the years shown its quality and here is yet another example of this.

Dannic has been one of the djs that has grown in the last years, as already mentioned, and its consistency has been noticed by the great stars of electronic music. With much of his song released on Revealed, Hardwell’s label, this time comes a release of another song on his own label Fonk Recordings, fruit of all the work he has achieved. It is a label where several songs are released with different artists showing their quality.

Listen below the new song of Dannic released on Fonk Recordings:

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