Big room fans rejoice: dutch duo Blasterjaxx have confirmed their debut album called “Perspective”, and we can’t contain the excitement.

Since their inception as a duo, Blasterjaxx have risen from talented rookies to becoming one of the biggest names in the dance music industry. After finding their calling in big room, they have never looked back since, and this has allowed them to amass a massive, dedicated fan base. After the release of the “XX Files” back in 2017, Blasterjaxx return with another important milestone in their careers: an album.

The album will be called “Perspective”, maybe as a reference to the various genres that they have teased. The announcement was made on social media, and in it, Blasterjaxx confess that the “journey” began two ago in a rented bungalow with “just a guitar, small studio setup, singer and a songwriter.” You can read the full announcement below:


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Dear friends, First of all we’re so happy we can finally announce the news that the artwork you’re seeing here above is our upcoming studio album!!! It all started two years ago while doing a studio session in a completely different setting – we rented a bungalow. It was just a guitar, small studio setup, singer and a songwriter. We had no immediate musical direction where we wanted to go. We wanted to make music that came from our hearts and was out of our box – enjoyable for the wide audience instead of just ravers. After plenty of studio sessions all over Europe, in different settings, working for weeks on one track, good days and bad days, amazing achievements and sometimes painful disappointments, we are very happy to finally able to break the silence and announce that our album ‘Perspective’ is about to drop in the 2nd quarter of 2019! Last but not least, our apologies for not releasing as much singles as we did before as well as the fact we couldn’t tease you as much as we would have liked. We hope you understand we had to keep absolute discretion about this, but we strongly believe that all the love and passion we’ve put into every single of these tracks is going to be heard and felt. MUSIC IS OUR RELIGION Love, Thom and Idir Blasterjaxx

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With this, the dutch duo inaugurates the “hype train”, and marks our calendars for the second quarter of 2019. As a big room fan, I’m excited for what the album might bring. Blasterjaxx will be in Portugal on the 27th of April for Nova Era Melhores do Ano, bringing their energy and, hopefully, new music once more to the Portuguese crowd.

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