It was just 2 months ago that legendary DJ/Producer Tiesto released a track called “Grapevine”. It followed along the lines of his previous hit “BOOM” (which even got a vocal remake from Gucci Mane), but it didn’t quite make an instant impact. Although it was a good track overall, it lacked…”something”. German DJ/Producer Tujamo, Dutchman house legend John Christian and Shanghai-based Carta also noticed that, and took to their own hands to fix it.

While the tracks are all a bit similar, they have some key differences between them. After all, there’s only so much you can do to improve what’s already good. Tujamo’s attempt captures the essence of the original track, keeping the vocal and most of the sounds while adding that little extra “something” from his bag of tricks. Dutch Neighbour

John Christian’s approach is the most unique of the three, with him opting to infuse a techno/deep house vibe in the track. It clearly works, being the best remix. Last, but certainly not least, “rookie” Carta’s remix sounds very similar to the original, with the exception of a couple of more aggressive synths. But he also turns the bass up to 11, giving the track a whole new feel.

You can check the tracks out in the link down below. Which remix is best? Tell us what you think!

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