Defqon.1 2019 anthem producers announced – not what you’d expect…

During WOW WOW, Q-Dance’s novel new year event, the anthem makers for this year’s Defqon.1 were announced. The world famous event will have an anthem made by a very unexpected trio: Keltek, Phuture Noize and Sefa!

As MC Villain said himself during the unveil:

Is this for real?

The Hard Dance community had exactly the same reaction and questions arose on this choice from Q-Dance. Many people online wondered if this would be a single anthem by the three artists or one anthem per artist, but given the announcement, the first option is exactly what Q-Dance is aiming for.

A few people don’t understand this choice and are doubting this will be a good anthem, given the difference in styles these artists have, and for the fact that Q-Dance decided to include a Frenchcore artist on a Hardstyle anthem. However, there are a lot of fans excited for this, with many highlighting that this could be an extremely good chance for change, and for an anthem that is extremely out of the box!

Factoring everything in, we have 3 artists that never worked together, but have had an outstanding 2018 on their own: Sven stood out by leaving Psyko Punkz and taking his own path as Keltek and released huge hits like Dark Sun, Through The Night and Valkyries; Phuture Noize grew a really big following and was heavily pushed by Q-Dance previously when presenting his album Black Mirror Society, which showcases an extremely unique take on Hardstyle; Sefa blew through the roof, together with Frenchcore as a whole, with his sound that combines rough beats, high energy and beautiful melodies, which earned him our Dance Music Award for International Breakthrough. These are three great producers that did not disappoint so far, and having them in one anthem would represent really well the wide spectrum of sounds present in the festival itself every year.

Do you think this was a good decision by Q-Dance? Or would you prefer to see them make a more conservative approach in what concerns one of the biggest responsibilities in the Hard Dance scene?

Let’s see how this works out. Only time will tell! Stay tuned, as Q-Dance promised updates for next month!

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