The Sound Waves Festival have recently added Ben Sims to this year’s lineup.

Ben Sims, the British dj author of songs like “Killa Bite“, “Manipulated“, “I Feel It Deep“, among others, is the latest confirmation of the Sound Waves festival, which takes place on July 27 at the beach at Esmoriz in Ovar, Portugal, for its 14th edition.

Known internationally, Ben Sims with more than 20 years of experience, has a reputation as one of the most sought after techno DJs in the industry. Ben, began gaining more recognition after 1997 when he created his own record company Theory Recordings along with Tony Dax. Over the years, Ben has been improving his reputation as an energetic DJ with unique sets acquiring the reputation of being one of the most important techno djs in the world.

Over the course of his career, Ben released immense songs and several albums that became more and more known among techno lovers, which also made Ben rise in his career. Between songs and albums, he also had the privilege of having some remixes of powerful names such as Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, Kevin Saunderson and Chris Liebing. If they like good music, they will probably like their “Run It Red” radio program broadcast via NTSlive and then transformed into a podcast to give them new songs and new talents.

Ben Sims along with Kirk Degiorgio is co-founder of a nightclub called Machine that is located in London but that has several editions scattered throughout Europe every year. If they did not know the work Ben Sims have now come to know, and it is in sight of the eyes that he is a Lord of Techno and that there is still much to give and show. So do not miss July 27 at Esmoriz beach in Ovar, Portugal Ben Sims at the Sound Waves festival.

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