If the name doesn’t ring a familiar bell by now, you should definitely check French Kiwi Juice’s (FKJ) work and you’ll be thrilled to hear he’s coming to Portugal in 2019.

In fact, the French multi-instrumentalist Vincent Fenton aka FKJ has now been confirmed to a be part of Super Bock Super Rock’s lineup in 2019 and fans can expect a one in a lifetime musical experience.

The man behind many tracks that turned into instant classics, such as Drops, Instant Need and more recently Is Magic Gone, will bring his debut solo album released in 2017 alongside some of his older and even newer tracks, providing an outstanding live show we are all used to witness on his live performances online videos.

You can get a glance of how a live show of his usually is on his collaboration with Masego – who has already performed in Super Bock Em Stock – called Tadow. Both of them create a 8 minute song that easily misleads you into thinking it is being played by a full band.

Having present electronic influences, jazz elements and mostly uplifting vibes, this addition to the lineup will set high standards to what a live musical performance should be.

You can now buy your tickets here and listen to the artist yourself here.

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