Hello Everyone!

I hope that you are having an amazing day, hoping that you got everything you asked for and then some more. I am writing this open letter to you for three reasons; to wish you an amazing holiday, to reflect regarding 2018 and to launch next year.

Hi everyone, thank you for reading this open letter to all of you. Hope you have an amazing holidays and start 2019 with the right foot. Let’s make it ours! – José Silva, Founder & CEO

Looking back to 2018…

Taking this opportunity to look back at 2018, which we consider to have of been a year for learning. We consider this because of what we have achieved, but even more because of all the mistakes we have made over the year, mistakes that allowed us to grow and learn from.

This year we aimed for two things “Consistency and Quality”. We didn’t managed to achieve both at the standard we had aimed for. However, we did improve greatly in both areas, we released two times as many articles as in the two previous years combined, this was clearly demonstrated on the growth of Wide Future and the community that we are so proud to call our own. Thank you for being a part of it!

We started the year super strong, closing a successful partnerships with OurBookings (Ministerium Club, Lisboa Electronica and Lisb-On), later closing two media partnerships with Dancefloor and Wipeout Open Air, and finally closing the year with a Brunch Electronik partnership. We couldn’t of be prouder of these partnerships, thank you promoters for believing in us and hope to continue working closely with you all in 2019.

In 2018 we also launched our online store, which was a great success, it surpassed all of our expectations. We released four different designs and you managed to nearly sell them all out, it was amazing to see. However, in here we had a few flaws too, that have enabled us to learn and progress.

One thing that we are proud, and can shout out in pride, is the fact we are the only platform in the world – yes, in the world – that covers everything in Dance Music. We pride ourselves to be able to cover everything from Techno to Drum & Bass, House to Trance, Big Room to Bass Music, you get the picture. But, this does come in at cost. It comes in at a cost of not being able to be specific in any genre or miss-out on important news worthy information. Furthermore, Wide Future is based out of Portugal, being proud to represent our small, but amazing culture of ours, as we will continue to grow and hopefully become even more a representative of what we have to offer. Likewise, we hope to continue to inform our Portuguese readers on what is out there, and educate them in this amazing culture. In 2018 we have finally managed to achieve an objective that we have aimed since day one, to call Wide Future a true international platform.

Now a special message to my team, I would like to thank, present and past members of all your hardship. I know that balancing family/social life, university, work and other activities with Wide Future can be really hard, but you always try your hardest and you are extremely dedicated, I know you have learned a lot from me, but believe me I have learned more from you. Thank you for that. Did you know that our team is 100% volunteer and average age is 21, that 78% of our team are University students and 6% just finished and are looking for their first job.

Looking forward to 2019…

We are so excited for 2019, it will be the year of “Innovation and Creativity“. We have planned out 2019, looking at the flaws we have had in 2018 and learned from them. Moreover, we have decided it’s time to innovate, to create, to produce and to think outside the box.

For 2019, we aim to renew all our partnerships, to form new ones and to continue to expand our network. We will also aim to better cover the various festivals we attend, creating new and innovative content and be faster at publishing said content. We will continue to represent and conduct ourselves in a professional manner, but remember we are ravers just like you, so don’t be scared to interact we love to meet and chat with everyone in the community.

Our store will have a larger range of merchandising – some amazing surprises incoming soon – and we will aim to be faster on shipping and improve communication with you after your purchases. We are currently studying the quickest and safest option to send your orders to you.

In 2018 we failed big, we didn’t cover what was happening in Portugal as well as we should. We left out a lot of talent to be exposed, we left a lot of good parties and festivals to be shouted about. But in 2019 we will get this fixed, we will work harder to cover everything that is happening in Portugal and in the world. We are proud of our Dance Music community in Portugal and must continue to talk about it. We are an international platform, based in Portugal and proud to be.

We can’t get in details, but we will aim to provide more opportunities for young talent to grow and learn. It’s time we give even more back to the community.

Wrapping this present…

To end this letter, I had like to leave a quick message to all producers and promoters, big or small. Keep working hard, be proud of your work, remember that nothing that is good comes easy. Be patient, remember that giving up is the only way of finding out it doesn’t work, while you keep trying there is always a chance of achieving your goals. Be proud of the work, hours and hardship you have put into your projects. Promoters, don’t be scared to take risks, don’t be scared to innovate, to book that young talent that no one has heard of before, he might be the next big hit and he will remember you forever.

And raver, I didn’t forget you. Let’s make 2019 the year where you support your local artist, your local promoter. How? It’s simple, share their music and go to their events. Let’s think about it, if you go to a party that a local promoter threw together whether it has a small national or international name in the lineup, this promoter will have a profit and thus will be able to invest again and eventually bring the artist you always wanted. Remember, Dance Music started in the clubs and we need to keep feeding it, go out and enjoy. Our culture will not grow if we stay at home and don’t go out in night like these, we need everyone to make it organically grow. We are proud of it, and believe me when I say, it’s one of the best in the world, it just needs to be nurtured.

Let’s all make 2019 the best year we can, let’s take the fails and wins from 2018 and learn from them, let’s be proud of them.


Happy Holidays


José Silva

Founder & CEO, Wide Future

P.S. We have been nominated for at Iberian Festival Awards in the category “Best Media Partner” if you could vote for us it would be the best present you could ever give us – VOTE.

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