The American dj NGHTMRE decided to release a special remix, vip, for the famous song “Save Yourself” with The Chainsmokers.

In this holiday season all electronic music listeners are presented with remixs or special packs with songs from their favorite artists, and NGHTMRE was no exception and released a Vip remix that was perfect.We are talking, without a doubt, of the song “Save Yourself” with The Chainsmokers and that gave to talk at the time because it was a collaboration that nobody expected and that, fortunately, happened.

With this vip remix we realize the essence of NGHTMRE, its unmistakable style shows why it is widely recognized in the world of trap and dubstep. It’s undoubtedly an essential theme because although in the original music it’s realized that NGHTMRE had a great influence in the production of the same, it has managed in this his remix to do something even better.

The American DJ has decided to present his fans with something they will surely want to hear and repeat, and thus end the year with the golden key. Already with the assured presence in the Ultra Music Festival 2019, it is predicted that 2019 will be a great year and with great songs to be released.

Listen bellow the new vip remix of NGHTMRE:

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