With 2018 coming close to an end, two of the finest rising artists, known for their marvelous progressive house melodies and groovy drops, Corey James and David Pietras, show that the year isn’t over until it’s over, and release their very own take on Steve Angello’s masterpiece “Nothing Scares Me Anymore”.

This remix was considered by many a very ballsy move being that it’s never easy to lay hands on a track of this caliber. However, they both manage to give their own unmistakably signature progressive sounds and transform it into a chilling track and a true banger, without making the track lose its essence and power. The decision of them both working together seems rather logical, with one’s style combining perfectly with the other’s and elevating the track to another world. 

Sam Martin’s vocals remain untouched as the mesmerizing melody grows slowly behind, allowing the track to feel and latch on to the listener’s heart. After the main melody and the vocals, the track grows stronger until reaching a groovy drop, that will get everyone bouncing and rejoicing in the music.

The original track is part of Steve Angello’s godlike album “HUMAN” and the remix first played in July this year. Both Steve and Corey set foot on the beautiful RFM Somnii stage, with them both sharing the stage to play the track for the second time ever, getting everyone’s emotions to come to the surface and making for one of the most beautiful moments in the history of the festival.

When asked last year, Corey James mentioned that working with Steve Angello was a dream of his, and this remix might just put him on the right track to do so!

Are you scared of this remix? You shouldn’t be! Here is “Nothing Scares Me Anymore” remixed by Corey James and David Pietras!

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